Daniela Fantechi: Joc in Jiyu Gakuen


This is a miniature for bass flute and piano, and perhaps one of the most effective bass flute pieces I have encountered for quite some time. The piece is made from soft sounds on both instruments, including many sounds from inside the piano, and air sounds and some of my favourite quiet multiphonics on the bass flute. Quiet sounds are one of the things I feel low flutes do extremely well, and the gap between silence and sound has been a fascination of mine of a long time. This piece is an excellent example of bass flute writing; every sound is carefully researched and works effectively, offering timbral variety and creating an atmospheric sound world. The balance between the bass flute and piano is well managed and the piece gives a glimpse into the inner world of both instruments. Fantechi is a young composer, born in 1984, who demonstrates both imagination and a strong technique. I have no doubt that this piece will become a regular part of my repertoire, and I very much look forward to presenting it to a UK audience.

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