Kingma System

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The Kingma System alto flute: a practical guide for composers and performers
The Kingma System bass flute: a practical guide for composers and performers
QTCheck Kingma System Fingering Checker

QTCheck/Kingma System Alto Flute Call for scores

The Project:
Carla Rees and Jonathan Pitkin are asking composers to write short miniatures (1-2 mins in duration) for Kingma system alto flute, using the QTCheck software to check for practicality of fingering combinations.

The works will be recorded for online release, and also considered for potential performance and publication by Tetractys Publishing.

The deadline for submission is 1st July 2018. All scores should be emailed as PDFs to We will endeavour to include all practically viable pieces in the recording process, which will take place in September 2018.

QTCheck can be downloaded here
For further information about the Kingma System alto flute, click here

Further guidance:
The purpose of this call is to put the QTCheck software through its paces, and see how helpful it is to a range of different composers. So your piece should make use of the Kingma fluteā€™s additional keys (i.e. it should include quarter-tonal pitches), and ask some questions of instrument and software alike! You will also be asked to complete a short survey to provide feedback on your experience of the project.

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