Kingma System

Click on the links below for detailed information about Kingma System flutes
Kingma System Resources
The Kingma System alto flute: a practical guide for composers and performers
The Kingma System bass flute: a practical guide for composers and performers
QTCheck Kingma System Fingering Checker
Eva Kingma's website
Interview with Eva Kingma (YouTube)
PhD Thesis: Collaboration in Practice: developing a repertoire of extended techniques for the Kingma System alto and bass flute
Multiphonic fingerings for Kingma System flutes compiled by Anne La Berge

Compose for the Kingma System

I am always happy to hear from composers who are interested in composing works which explore the additional capabilities of the Kingma System. Please use the contact form to send your ideas!

Join the Kingma System Network
The Kingma System Network is open to all players of Kingma System instruments, as a way of sharing knowledge, repertoire and research. To join, use the contact form.